Mathematics Behind Points Calculations

Well, It took sometime to Complete these Formulas.
The Points scored by Batsmen will depend upon Runs, X-Factor and Extra Points!!

Batting Points

X-Factor will determine how good/bad/neutral a Batsman's Strike Rate is as compared to Total Match Run Rate.

Extra Points will be given to batsman on Passing each Milestone (50, 100, 150 etc etc). But that will also depend upon X-Factor. We don't want to give much runs to a Batsman scoring at Test Match Strike Rate.

X-Points are the Runs scored by Batsman taking X-Factor into Account.

Total Points = X-Points + Extra Points

Mathematical Formula:

R = Run scored by Batsman
B = Balls faced by Batsman
TB = Total Balls in Match 
TR = Total Runs scored in Match
X = X-Factor
P = X-Points
E =  Extra Points 
ROUNDDOWN is an Excel Function, which gives us Quotient of the Division

X = (R/B) x (TB/TR)
P = (R/4)*(1+1/X)2*X
E = 25* ROUNDDOWN(R/50)*X

Total Points = E + P


Following factors will be considered while calculating Total Points of Bowler.

R = Runs given by Bowler
B = Balls bowled by Bowler 
TR = Total Runs scored in the match 
TB = Total Balls bowled in the match 
C = Wickets cut off   (***It is going to be 3 for T20, 4 for ODI***)
W = Wickets taken by Bowler
E = Extra Points (For taking C or more wickets)
A = Average Run Rate of whole match


IF W >= C then
            P = 25*C + (W – C)*50
            P = 25 * W

E = (B*A) – R
TP = P + E

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