The Rules we don’t follow:

  • Exactly one wicket-keeper. Well, we would like to pick both MSD & Dinesh in our team. Nobody should have any problem with this… Right?
  • Limiting Number of All-Rounders. If South Africa can play with Cronje, McMillan, Kallis & Pollock in 90s, then why can’t we pick as many All-Rounders as possible?
  • Limiting number of players from a team. You can pick all the players from a single team if you want!!

The Rules we follow:

  • At least 5 players who can bowl including All-Rounders. After all we need to complete quota of 50 Overs in ODI & 20 in T20!!
  • There are 12 Players in a team including a 12th Man
  • Batsmen are important too!! We need at least 7 Batsman or a combination of 7 Batsmen + All-Rounders. Wicket Keeper will be considered a Batsman too.
  • We need someone to hold onto the dot balls and occasional catch & stumping behind the wicket. So one wicket-keeper is necessary.
  • One Captain is required. Pickup the best player from your team. All the points scored by him will be doubled!!
  • One 12th Man is required. No, he’ll not carry drinks on the ground in our case. But he’ll be a regular player in real match and whatever points he scores, you will get only half of them.

Number of Transfers

Transfers are limited in a Tournament. So pick your team keeping in mind the rest of tournament. Don’t use all the transfers before crucial matches. Finals/Semi Finals or Series deciders may have additional bonus points J

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